Goal 12:

Responsible Consumption and Production

We’re consuming far more than our planet can keep providing. If we carry on like this, our projected population of 9.6 billion by 2050 will need three earth-like planets to maintain our current lifestyle. Goal 12 looks at how we can all be more Responsible Consumers and Producers. How we buy, eat and use things and the ways we source and make them can make big differences to both our planet and its population. From upcycling clothes to eating odd shaped fruit to even making beer from uneaten bread, it’s time to get creative with the products we consume.

The UN’s SubGoals for responsible consumption and production

  • Sustainably manage the use of natural resources
  • Implement a 10-year sustainable consumption and production framework
  • Halve global per capita food waste
  • Substantially reduce waste
  • Encourage companies to adopt sustainable practices and sustainability reporting 
  • Promote sustainable public procurement practices
  • Develop and implement tools to monitor sustainable tourism
  • Support developing countries' scientific and technological capacity for sustainable consumption and production
  • Promote universal understanding of sustainable lifestyles
  • Remove market distortions that encourage wasteful consumption

How you can help


Be conscious of packaging. Just think the less the better!


Choose reusable products. An eco-bag for shopping, a reusable water bottle or coffee cup all helps to reduce your plastic waste.


Buy second-hand whenever you can.

Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production

The Responsible Consumption and Production Band

Each #TOGETHERBAND embodies the spirit of the Global Goals. Made from Ocean Plastic, for every #TOGETHERBAND sold, 1KG of plastic is removed from marine environments.

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Our Impact

Our Impact

At BOTTLETOP our approach has always been to fuse innovative and sustainable materials, artisanal production and technical innovation to have posit...

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