Goal 17:

Partnerships for the Goals 

Partnerships between governments, private and public bodies bring our goals closer to achievement. When we work together towards the same goals, we have the power to achieve them all. Sharing Goals means sharing a vision. Ending poverty, battling inequality and paralysing global warming are ambitions we all strive for. Goal 17 is all about making partnerships built upon collaboration. When companies, countries, governments and people unite and take action, great goals are achieved.

The UN’s SubGoals for partnerships for the goals

  • Mobilise resources to improve domestic revenue collection
  • Implement all development assistance commitments
  • Mobilise financial resources for developing countries
  • Assist developing countries in attaining debt sustainability
  • Invest in least developed countries
  • Knowledge sharing and cooperation for access to science, technology and innovation
  • Promote sustainable technologies to developing countries
  • Strengthen the science, technology and innovation capacity for least developed countries
  • Enhance SDG capacity in developing countries
  • Promote a universal trading system under the WTO
  • Increase the exports of developing countries
  • Remove trade barriers for least developed countries
  • Enhance global macroeconomic stability
  • Enhance policy coherence for sustainable development
  • Respect national leadership to implement policies for the sustainable development goals
  •  Enhance the global partnership for sustainable development
  • Encourage effective partnerships
  • Enhance availability of reliable data
  • Further develop measurements of progress

How you can help


Work or volunteer in NGOs that are working towards the Global Goals.


Support exported goods by buying Fair Trade products from developing countries.


Stay informed. Follow your local news and stay in touch with #TOGETHERBAND online or on social media

Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals

The Partnerships for the Goals Band

Each #TOGETHERBAND embodies the spirit of the Global Goals. Made from Ocean Plastic, for every #TOGETHERBAND sold, 1KG of plastic is removed from marine environments.

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