Goal 15:

Life On Land 

Life on land is extraordinary. Our forests are home to more than 80% of all land-based species and our remarkable ecosystems allow us all to eat, breath and live.Yet through deforestation, global warming and meat-production, we’re slowly killing our earth and its inhabitants. Before we panic, it’s worth reminding ourselves, we can fix this. Goal 15 is all about working together to protect, restore and promote our planet’s plants, insects and animals. By focusing on the changes we can make now to help our future, we can sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, reverse land degradation and put a stop to biodiversity loss.

The UN’s SubGoals for life on land

  • Conserve and restore terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems
  • End deforestation and restore degraded forests
  • Ensure conservation of mountain ecosystems
  • Protect biodiversity and natural habitats
  • Eliminate poaching and trafficking of protected species
  • Prevent invasive alien species on land and in water ecosystem
  • Integrate ecosystem and biodiversity in governmental planning
  • Increase financial resources to conserve and sustainably use ecosystem and biodiversity finance
  • Combat global poaching and trafficking

How you can help


Reduce your use of paper. Avoid printing and substitute it with electronic devices or carriers.


Clean your local parks and forests. Organise your own or join an existing clean-up event to sustain the ecosystem of your local green space.


Compost. Composting food scraps can reduce climate impact while also recycling nutrients.

Goal 15: Life on Land

The Life on Land Band

Each #TOGETHERBAND embodies the spirit of the Global Goals. Made from Ocean Plastic, for every #TOGETHERBAND sold, 1KG of plastic is removed from marine environments.

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Our Impact

Our Impact

At BOTTLETOP our approach has always been to fuse innovative and sustainable materials, artisanal production and technical innovation to have posit...

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