Goal 13:

Climate Action

We all know climate change is one of the defining issues affecting our planet. Our over-consumption of fossil fuels has disrupted the carbon cycle, creating extreme weather events, sea-level-rise, and a change in crop growth and water systems. Did you know for example that global emissions of CO2 have increased by almost 50% since 1990? But where there’s disaster, there’s also opportunity. Goal 13 is all about taking Climate Action. Renewable energy sources and repurposing waste carbon gases for other uses are just some of the ways we can make the change now. Together, we can create a greener, healthier earth for all future generations.


  • Integrate climate change measures into policies and planning
  • Strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate related disasters
  • Build knowledge and capacity to meet climate change
  • Implement the UN framework convention on climate change
  • Promote mechanisms to raise capacity for planning and management

How you can help


Recycle paper, glass, plastic, metal and old electronics.


Bike, walk or take public transport. Save the car trips for when you’ve got a big group.


Compost. Composting food scraps can reduce climate impact while also recycling nutrients.
Goal 13: Climate Action

The Climate Action Band

Each #TOGETHERBAND embodies the spirit of the Global Goals. Made from Ocean Plastic, for every #TOGETHERBAND sold, 1KG of plastic is removed from marine environments.

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Our Impact

Our Impact

At BOTTLETOP our approach has always been to fuse innovative and sustainable materials, artisanal production and technical innovation to have posit...

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