5 Instagram Accounts to Fill Your Feed with Positivity

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when scrolling through social media - our 24 hour news cycle means that information (and misinformation) about coronavirus is practically unavoidable. Though it’s important to keep up to date, it’s also important to spend some time focussing on positive things - especially during self isolation when looking after your mental health is paramount. If you find yourself spending lots of time on social media, why not invest some of that scrolling energy into curating a more positive feed, filled with things guaranteed to make you feel good! Here are six Instagram accounts to get you started: from ‘good news’ content to adorable pets:


The Happy Broadcast bills itself as a provider of ‘anxiety-free news’, all of which is charmingly illustrated by Mauro Gatti. Its coronavirus coverage focuses exclusively on news that brings hope - whether that is hope of a vaccine or the sense of hope instilled by the kindness of strangers.


The pure joy at witnessing the fluffballs featured on this account speaks for itself. A dose of cuteness in amongst all the uncertainty is exactly what we all need right now.


Created by Emily Coxhead, The Happy Newspaper is a constant source of loveliness. Stories shared tend to focus on acts of human kindness as well as positive news from around the world.


Wholesome content coming right up: couples sharing their real life meet-cute stories to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Exactly what it says on the tin - this is the account to follow if you still want to keep up with coronavirus news, but want to ensure you’re exposed to the good stuff too!


Cora Rose was believed to have been in a car accident when she was found with two shattered front legs and a broken pelvis, in the end she had to have both legs amputated. Fast forward to the present day and Cora Rose is living her best life on Instagram for everyone to enjoy. 

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